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Dog walker & pet sitter - New Hope, Crystal, Robbinsdale, Plymouth & Golden Valley

Loretta D.

Loretta grew up with many family pets including turtles, fish, kittens and of course dogs. She loves to take long walks with Ellie Mae, her English Springer Spaniel. She has spent 18 years as a certified medical assistant mostly in Orthopedics and thoroughly enjoyed her career. Loving animals and nature, Loretta also enjoys being outdoors, gardening, music, camping, reading and creative projects. CLICK HERE TO SEE LORETTA'S VIDEO BIO.

Dog walker & pet sitter - St. Louis Park, Golden Valley & Plymouth
Chelsea J. (Senior Staff)
Chelsea has a Golden named Harper. She got Harper as a puppy
in Montana where she was going to college. In her spare time, Chelsea enjoys making crafts and has a craft workshop set up in her garage.
She loves dogs and animals more than anything and spending time
​with them is the one true joy in her life.

Meet the owner
When Tabatha Patterson got her Basenji puppy Manah in 2007, everything changed. Working as a creative director for an entertainment and special events company, Tabatha started bringing Manah to the office so she wouldn't have to be alone all day in her crate. Soon Manah introduced her to many fun dog events, dog parks and dog friendly restaurants (thanks to 

After recovering from a cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy, Tabatha decided to leave the corporate world behind and simplify her life. Because of her life-long love of animals she chose to become a dog walker and pet sitter.

Tabatha has thoroughly researched healthy food choices, took pet nutrition classes, trained in pet first aid and CPR, studied vaccination needs and titer testing, and extensively studied the subject of how to raise a healthy well balanced pet.

Rock Star has grown over the years and has serviced over 700 pets. All of Tabatha's employees have passed extensive national background checks and are uniquely qualified to provide an outstanding level of service. Read more about Tabatha in the Star Tribune.

In Tabatha's spare time she sings and writes music for an original rock band.

Meet Rock Star's employees


Sub Dog walker and pet sitter -- Golden Valley, St. Louis Park & Plymouth

Colleen S.
One role of Colleen’s is Chief Home Executive that includes the care and love of an interesting character named Tio Pepe. Tio is actually an over-sized, pleasantly natured, tuxedo cat. Colleen has always owned a pet, usually a cat, for as long a she can remember. Even though her life-style may not have made it possible to own a dog, she has intermittently cared for friends and neighbors pets and dogs. Colleen’s past includes working in business technology systems implementation, training, and support. She holds a M.A. from the University of MN in Business and Industry Education and a B.S. in Marketing from St. Cloud State University. She left corporate life after the birth her son and daughter. She feels it is always a gift to find a balance that allows her to enjoy the company of animals and spend time outdoors.  CLICK HERE TO SEE COLLEEN'S VIDEO BIO.

​​​​​​​​Dog walker and pet sitter -- Golden Valley, St. Louis Park

Heather D.

Heather has grown up with dogs and a cat since she was little. She has an English Bulldog Daphne and a Pembrooke Welsh Corgi named Ranger. Heather says they both have funny personalities! Heather has an associates degree in Medical Administration and was in the medical field for 10 years and now she's pursuing her Bachelors in Human Resources. Heather loves anything to do with the outdoors. Heather and her husband have recently relocated back to Minnesota and are very excited to start their new adventures here. 

Human resources director
Rich P. 
Rich manages human resources operations by orienting, training, coaching, counseling, and disciplining staff. He also supports management by providing human resources advice, counsel, and decisions and guiding management and employee actions by updating policies, procedures, methods, and guidelines, opening communications and enforcing company values.


Dog walker & pet sitter - New Hope, Robbinsdale, Crystal, & Golden Valley
​Gregg A. (Senior Staff)
Gregg loves to travel the world and experience different cultures.
​He became a Rock Star dog walker and pet sitter because he wanted to do something meaningful with his life and work with animals. He gives big hugs to the dogs he walks and shows them a lot of love and respect and he loves spending time with all his kitty friends too.  

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Cat Sitter - Plymouth & Golden Valley

Hether S.

Hether grew up on a horse farm in rural MN and has been a lifelong animal lover. She currently resides with her boyfriend, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a fish named Bruce. In addition to walking dogs & pet sitting for Rock Star; Hether is 
a full-time nursing student.  On her days off she volunteers her time with a local animal rescue organization, and is a lover of all things music. She also fosters dogs in her home, and loves to work with the timid/shy/challenging dogs. She is passionate about animal welfare and is dedicated to the well being, comfort, and happiness of her own pets - as well as those around her! 


Pet sitter - Crystal, Golden Valley & St. Louis Park

Linda S.
Linda worked at a large university in classroom operations until a lay off when her life went to the dogs. She volunteers with and fosters German Shepherds (GSDs) for an area rescue. She has two dogs of her own: Head Puppy Monster Doc, a GSD/Chow mix, who is training to be a Therapy Dog, and Bena, a sassy senior Belgian Malinois/GSD, who keeps the Doc in line. Linda had cats for all of her adult life until she bought a house with a yard perfect for dogs to run and play in, and now dogs rule. CLICK HERE TO SEE LINDA'S VIDEO BIO.

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​​​​​​​​Dog walker and pet sitter -- St. Louis Park

Alicia H.​

Alicia has always owned pets growing up, both dogs and cats. She went to horse camp and took riding lessons when she was younger and loves all animals. Alicia is an artist and teaches visual art to children outside of her job as a pet caregiver. She has a sweet pit bull named Jax and he's the love of her life. She's also adopting a special needs kitty with CH. Alicia looks forward to spending time with your pets!


Dog walker and pet sitter -- Minneapolis

Janet M.​

Janet is a lifelong dog and cat lover and owner. As a child, she cared for many types of pets, including dogs and cats, birds, turtles, fish and hamsters. She left the workforce early on as an accountant to become a stay-at-home mom with her daughter and son and fur babies as well! When the kids were school age she worked as a dog walker and cat sitter, which made her realize that being with animals is a satisfying way to spend her time. When the kids flew the nest, she worked as a Gate Agent for Northwest Airlines. Working with dogs and cats was still the dream job though, so she went on to work at Four Paws Pet Resort and then as a dog bather at Dig It Dog Grooming. Janet has never met a pet that isn’t special. She currently has a 14-yr-old Wheaten Terrier named Phoebe who is her constant companion. In her free time, Janet likes to go camping, settle in with a good book at a local coffee shop, movies and usually has a puzzle going on her dining room table. She looks forward to the kisses and hisses she gets each day from her new furry friends.

Dog walker - Edina & St. Louis Park
Pam D. (Senior Staff)
Pam is an event planner and works with children and adults with
special needs. She lives in a condo where no dogs are allowed, so this part time job gives her a chance to get her "dog fix." She loves taking photos, so make sure to checkout our Facebook page, you might see a cute photo of your furry friend.  

Dog walker & cat sitter- Plymouth 
Arlene V.
Arlene grew up on a farm and has had many animals in her life.  She now has two wonderful and beautiful cats named Gracie (18 years old) and Guido (17 years old) and two adorable granddogs, Chili and Ranger.  For about six years she volunteered as a horse leader and side walker at We Can Ride and now volunteers at the Humane Society as a dog walker.  Arlene has an associate degree and worked for many years as a manager of a law firm until she retired 3-1/2 years ago.  She loves spending time with her friends and family (especially her 4 grandchildren), reading, horseback riding, pilates and traveling.  Arlene thinks this is the perfect job for her because animals make her happy and she loves being around them.


Cat sitter - Hopkins & St. Louis Park

Cheryl S. (Senior Staff)
​Caring for animals comes naturally to Cheryl. She has adopted dozens
​of pets over the years and currently lives with an autism service dog she trained for her daughter, four cats, a tortoise and a flock of pet chickens. Cheryl spent years working as a professional naturalist and avidly researches the latest animal behavior studies. She loves spending time in the company of animals and has an excellent understanding of dog, cat and bird communication.

​​​​​​​​Dog walker and pet sitter -- Minneapolis

Paula O.​

Paula adores animals and loves being outside, so Rock Star is a great place for her! Growing up in a multi-dog family, she's been walking and caring for pups all her life. She recently adopted a shelter kitty named George, who, after careful and patient introduction, has become fast friends with her roommate's cat, Ellie. Paula studied Kinesiology, lived in Spain and is perusing a master's degree in Public Health. In her free time she enjoys camping, playing volleyball, reading and spending time with friends and family. She can't wait to meet new pets and their people!